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Best Practices for Using Two Monitors?

I’ve recently gone to dual monitors for my Office PC and am experiencing some issues when trying to view it remotely, as well as when I try to view “standard” monitors remotely from my Office PC.  I’ve seen that there are a lot of posts about use of dual monitors with LogMeIn, but I’m hoping that someone can simply tell me the best way to manage all of this. 
Here are the two setups:
Dell GX270 tower
Matrox Millennium P650 graphics card (Dual-DVI)
2 Samsung 22” (2243BWX) widescreen pivoting LCD monitors
Monitors side by side in “portrait” orientation (I keep them so that there are 4 “windows” – an upper and a lower for each monitor – this “half-height in portrait” makes each window just the right size most of the time for any 4 “things” I want to have “UP.”)   
Home:  Nothing new and this setup has always worked fine with LogMeIn.  It has a Sony 20” (4x3) LCD monitor and an ATI All In Wonder 9600 graphics card.  
When I remotely access the Office PC from the Home PC, I see a single screen in portrait mode (so, only 2 of the 4 “windows”) inside of the landscape orientation of the Home PC monitor, which makes the text so small that it’s really hard to read: 
1.  Can LogMeIn be set to combine the displayed content of both Office monitors to appear as only a single monitor view on my Home PC monitor?  If so, how?
2.     Can LogMeIn be set to display the Office monitors’ Portrait view as a Landscape view on my Home PC monitor?  If so, how?
When I remotely access the Home PC from the Office, the display appears in one of the half-height windows on one of my two monitors.  However, because the Office PC is in portrait mode, when I click on the “full screen” button to get rid of the browser’s menu and the LogMeIn sidebar (to make the remote screen “fill” that one of the 4 “windows”), the display expands to take up that monitor’s entire screen:  It displays the remote screen in the correct size, but places it in the middle of the Office PC monitor with large black spaces at the top and the bottom, essentially wasting space at the top and bottom that I would like to be able to use for another application. 
Is there a way to set LogMeIn at the Office with the portrait orientation so that it will display the full landscape view of the remote PC within just the top or bottom ½ of the portrait orientated Office PC monitor?  If so, how to accomplish this? 
I’m sure that I haven’t thought of all issues that I’m going to run  into with this setup, so I would also appreciate any additional suggestions, ideas, etc., in addition to the answers to just the questions above. 
Sorry for the length.  TIA for all responses, suggestions, ideas, etc.