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How to add another computer?

I could really use an idiot's guide on how to add another computer to an existing account. I have read the manual, read the discussion board where I could search/find related notes (seems I'm not the only one finding this confusing) and I wind up downloading/reinstalling the software over and over. Even wiped out my initial okay configuration in the process.

I have two computers in the office, and one at home. I am for now using the Free version. (I'm not going to pay for the Pro version until I get this worked out.) I have the downloaded software installed on each computer. I call into my office computers from home (and rarely call my home computer from the office). My home computer logs into the email address /password account of my office computer and I see one computer. Works fine. But, I now want to add that second computer in the office to the list. For the life of me I cannot figure this out. I click Add Computer and I get a download/install software screen -- which I have now downloaded/installed many times over and over.



p.s. In fact, I can log into that second office computer from home directly via its own email address /password. But what I am trying to do is instead of two separate accounts, just add that second computer to the one list of my initial office computer so when I log into that account, I see both computers to choose from.
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RE: How to add another computer?

Forget multiple accounts, that is making things NOT work for you.
Take one account, that you want to keep and use.  Go to each computer, open your account,a nd select ADD COMPUTER.  You have to do this FROM EVERY COMPUTER you want on your list.  It can not be done from a single computer.
I think that will solve your problems.


(DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an employee of LMI, nor do I have any financial concern in LMI. I am strictly a HAPPY USER of LMI products. I am using PC version and XP SP2. Other systems or versions may act different than described above.)