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Welcome Login Page No User Accounts

I have installed a LogmeinFREE/Pro, after rebooting the system.
When I tried to login, the welcome login page did not display any user profiles for me to login to XP. But when I tried safemode, it is working fine.
Pls advise how do I solve this issue? Your expertise and help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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RE: Welcome Login Page No User Accounts

Here's a response from LMI Support's Wendy that explains probably what happened during LMI's install:
"During installation, the program checks to see if you have a Windows user account which is an administrator and has a password.  If not, it creates a new user called LogMeInRemoteUser, which is then supposed to be hidden.  This seems to be a glitchy response in Windows, where sometimes it does not hide the user and then it shows up on your Welcome screen when you reboot.  In reading your emails, this is what sounds like happened.

If you'd like to try again on your other system, please do.  I would make sure to let it run fully through the install/reboot process.  I would recommend setting a restore point before running the installation.  That way if you don't like the changes it has made, you can restore it.

Other than what I've mentioned above, the installation just basically creates a LogMeIn folder in your Program Files folder, installs the necessary files to that folder, adds the necessary registry settings and should not change any other configuration presently on your system."

So, I would suggest restoring your system back BEFORE the installation, and make sure you have a administrator account WITH a password BEFORE you try reinstalling.
Also, I feel like it is important to make sure that all programs and services are shutdown BEFORE you install LMI.  There's a neat free program that I have recently found, "SmartClose" that can do this.  YOU can download it from:
That's about all I can suggest for now.

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RE: Welcome Login Page No User Accounts

Actually, it sound more likely they were automatically logging into the administrator account before and the LMI install went fine.  The administrator account naturally hides itself (except in safe mode) as does the LMI remote user ... thus leaving no accounts visible at the Welcome screen.
You should just need to go back into the administrator account and restore the settings to automatically login through that account when turning the computer on.