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i couldn't click Kaspersky controls?


i use LogMein Free and Kaspersky 6.0 on remote machine. When i connect to remote machine, everything is ok but i couldn't click Kaspersky controls : buttons, checkbox etc. For example kaspersky found a virus and show a dialog, i couldn't click anything on this dialog. Dialog wait on center of screen so i logout and login windows again.

How can i solve this?

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RE: i couldn't click Kaspersky controls?

Sounds like Kaspersky is preventing other applications from controlling it.  Huh.  I know that ZoneAlarm does that.  I guess Kaspersky does it now, too.

In ZoneAlarm, under Preferences, the option is called "Protect ZoneAlarm client".  As I've never run into this before on Kaspersky, I'm not precisely sure where the option would be, or what it would be called, but I'm sure there's something. 
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RE: i couldn't click Kaspersky controls?

To fix this, on the PC you want to control from a remote location go into the Kaspersky Settings select SERVICE then remove the tick from "Enable Self -Defense".

This should allow you to control it remotely.
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Re: RE: i couldn't click Kaspersky controls?

Thank you so much!! I've been looking for this for a long time.

It works!!