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Can't Find the remote power on button.

Hello I am using the FREE service and yesterday I was able to remotely power on my PC, I had just set up the BIOS settings and we testing things out.  Everything worked perfectly, I was able to turn the PC on.


Today however when I am looking at my PC list, I see its powered off, but the button to power it on is missing?  If there some sort of limitation on the free accounts that would hide this option?  Or am I just looking in the wrong place?



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Re: Can't Find the remote power on button.

I also just noticed this. When did this start happening? I see this is an old post, but this just recently happened to me on my free account. Is this because of some account setting or is there something else that might be going on?

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Re: Can't Find the remote power on button.

Hi Cleanest and Welcome to the Community!


You'll want to check to make sure that all of the requirements for Wake on LAN to function are met. 


Wake on LAN



Thank you!

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Re: Can't Find the remote power on button.

Just double check all is set on host (wake up lan in BIOS and Remor power on in logmein), howeve still cannot see "power on" button, please HELP

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Re: Can't Find the remote power on button.

Thank you for contacting LogMeIn.


Wake on LAN is a feature that will only show when you meet the requirements needed for it to work. If the requirements are not being met, the Power On button will not show in the account.


Here is some information regarding Wake on LAN:


For further assistance, please submit a detailed Help Ticket here: or contact us by phone at 1-866-478-1805.




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