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Problems Viewing PC's Desktop

I use LogMeIn throughout our company and works like a dream, however I have come across a very interesting little problem.

We have two independent networks running throughout our building. One is for our CCTV system and one for our actual network. I haven’t connected them both together purely because I don’t want traffic crossing over and disrupting the CCTV network.

There are three PC’s which can connect to the CCTV system to view and manage each individual camera. Two of the PC’s simply have a second network card installed in the PC and is connect to the CCTV network, and the third is just simply connected solely to the CCTV network. LogMeIn is installed on the first two PC’s and you can view the CCTV footage with rather good quality.

However if I connect to the third PC which is solely on the CCTV network via LogMeIn I cannot see the CCTV footage as the LogMeIn window starts to go very blocky and then goes completely black. I then tried to view some footage which was saved to an AVI file and played this via Windows Media Player and was very surprised that I could view this without a problem.

If anyone has got any ideas why this would be happening just to this one PC is would be much appreciated.