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vpn using hamachi...

hi to all,



i am trying to set-up a vpn using hamachi to be used in testing a server-workstation(off office pc) set-up.

what i need for clarification is how to set-up my ws to be able to contact the server without changing any registry files?



thanks in advance.

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Re: vpn using hamachi...

for me it was as simple as installing it on the server, creating the network, install on the workstation and connect up. I found it much easier to install on the workstations via the webpage and 'add computer'.


I also have a couple of remote users who want to access thier exchange email. Ive now ripped up all of our standard VPNs and installed Hamachi on thier computers as it requires much less effort to setup and maintain. For these people I have had to add an entry in the host file to identify the server.