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Hamachi mobile

have found that the hamachi mobile is not entirely stable under Windows mobile 6
windows mobile 5 and windows mobile 2003 seem a bit more consistant.
but an example under a t-mobile Ameo ( htc advantage x7500 ) with the official t-mobile Windows mobile 6 , the 0.3.1 and 0.3.0 versions cannot always connect to the network adapter driver. i tried it initially on the same device under wm5 prior to it's official upgrade and same results. however i'm thinking this may as well be a driver comapatibility or windows mobile build version compatability problem as it seems to work more consistantly on an older Orange M2000 ( htc Blue angel running a wm2003 official or windows mobile 6 custom developed rom.
feel free to offer any suggestions.
and yes i've tried cold starting the ameo as it's one of the first pocket pc's that an actually shut off entirely by holding the power button. or can cold start by pressing reset button in the back of the device. either way it didn't consistanly allow it to connect to the hamachi network driver after the restart also using a 3rd party application to give a "safe mode" that disables all defult start up applications and today plugins, it still gave similar results adn would not allow it to connect to the hamachi network driver when launching the hamachi program.
 Hopefully this will give some insight to the development team and idea's to others who are having similar results but are thinking it's something they are doing wrong or the device isn't compatable etc.etc.
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RE: Hamachi mobile

Thanks for the feedback! There is a direct Hamachi feedback email address: Your message would receive more immediate attention there.