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Unknown username or bad password (1326)?

I have a free account and have several computers successfully connected. I added 2 more today and when I try to connect to them I get the "Unknown username or bad password (1326)" error. I have read the related support doc which says the following:


LogMeIn is comparing what you type on the blue screen to the usernames in your list of User Accounts on the target computer. If it does not find an exact match, you will get this error.

Once you are trying to access a computer remotely, you will need the username and password that you use when Windows is starting up.

To determine the username, please go to Start, then Run and then type the following (if you are using Vista, go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run):

control userpasswords2 (for Windows XP and Vista)


control userpasswords (for other versions of Windows)

This will bring up user accounts where you will find a list of users. The username you should enter on the blue LogMeIn screen will appear in this list.
The problem is that neither one of these computers has a Windows password set and I never needed a username for any other computer I setup. When I tried to login remotely, LogMeIn asked for my access code, not the windows username. I know what I set and I am sure I typed it correctly, but still I get these messages for both computers. I am no longer near these 2 computers to try the above solution, but will be there tomorrow and would like any other suggestions you can think of. All computers are running Windows XP pro, svc pack 2. Thanks very much in advance!

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RE: Unknown username or bad password (1326)?