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Where does Logmein Backup keep configuration of the files to be copied?

I'm having a rather strange problem with a logmein backup. The network drives that you have to access to make the copies changed a couple of months ago to other routes, but the programmed copy of Logmein still uses the previous ones, although in the configuration of what you have to copy Is correctly.

I deleted the task and recreated it, but nothing, it does the same. Interestingly, if I ask you to do the copy manually, I do it well and look for the network drives that I have configured, but if I leave it in automatic, it searches for the old ones, and of course, it gives error.

I have deleted both the task in Logmein and the Task Scheduler, but it remains the same.

I wanted to know where Logmein stores this data, in what file, to find it and delete it. I have been unable to locate it, I do not know where it saves that information from the folders / files it has to copy.

Sorry for the English, I'm using the Google Translator