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Problems with Logmein Dual Monitors

Dear forum members,


I am writing to discuss an issue that I have been experiencing with LogMeIn, specifically related to using dual monitors []. I have found that LogMeIn does not always work correctly when I am attempting to use multiple monitors, and I believe that other users may be experiencing similar issues.

Specifically, I have found that when I connect to a remote computer using LogMeIn and attempt to use both of my monitors, the display is often distorted or scaled incorrectly. This can make it difficult to work effectively and can be very frustrating.

I have tried adjusting the display settings on my local computer and on the remote computer, but this has not resolved the issue. I have also checked to ensure that I am using the latest version of LogMeIn and that my graphics drivers are up-to-date.

Based on my observations and research, I believe that the issue may be related to the way that LogMeIn handles multiple monitors. Specifically, it appears that LogMeIn does not always recognize the correct resolution or scaling for each monitor, which can lead to display issues.

I would like to suggest that the developers and support team behind LogMeIn take a closer look at this issue and work to address it in a future update. Specifically, it would be helpful to have better support for multiple monitors, including the ability to adjust scaling and resolution settings independently for each monitor.

In the meantime, I would encourage other users who are experiencing similar issues to report them to LogMeIn support or to share their experiences and suggestions in this forum. Together, we can work to improve the usability and effectiveness of this valuable tool.


Thank you for your attention and support.




GoTo Manager

Re: Problems with Logmein Dual Monitors

Hi @judywatson, welcome to the community.


Have you already worked with our support team on this issue? If not, please follow these steps to enable debug logging for your affected computers, and then contact support directly so they can gather the logs.


Open the LogMeIn Client and select View > Options


Then enable debug logging


Once this is done, use the Client as you normally would. I would wait at least 24 hours before contacting Support so that the log files capture enough data to be useful.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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