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Why is GoTo continuing to use Kaspersky products even after a warning from the US Government

EXCLUSIVE U.S. warned firms about Russia's Kaspersky software day after invasion -sources | Reuters


Not only that, but Kaspersky Software Update is a glitchy mess. Computers will randomly fill up with un-installed updates to the point where the disk becomes full. And this glitch has persisted for the past 3 years.


Absolutely ridiculous that such an expensive product as LogMeIn compromises on such a basic feature as third-party software updates.

GoTo Contributor

Hi @trustpar-jdodd


GoTo is aware of the FCCs warnings regarding Kaspersky and we are actively exploring alternative solutions to ensure business continuity. We will provide updates as plans progress. In the meantime, should you wish to remove the Kaspersky Software Updater tool, please follow these instructions.


Thank you!

Active Contributor


Just wondering if there has been any movement as a replacement for Kaspersky.


Thank you