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Kaspersky & Russia?

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Several months ago, I raised the questions, no real resolve.

Today, major new regarding links between Kaspersky and Russia with US Govenments banning use of the application.

I made a call, still no reply.

As predicted, many of my end users with Kaspersky are questioning my use of Kaspersky with their protection, and I've asked LogMeIn to address this verbally and publicly, with ZERO response.

For sure, they are going to kill my subscrioption or raise the rate after this exposure by me, but I have to have concerns about my exposure.

Hey LogMeIn, what gonna happen with our integration of Kaspersky and our end users concerns with the news?

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Re: Kaspersky & Russia?

I second this. In addition to having a lot of trouble installing Kaspersky via LogMeIn, now we find out the US Government is getting rid of Kaspersky on all machines.   

As we tried to deploy Kaspersky via LogMeIn, we found it downloads a 9.x version and then upgrades that to a 10.x version requiring a long download and several reboots.   It's all pretty manual in that you have to select all machines again to get the latest updates after the initial install.  And none of this addresses any of the features in Kaspersky that you would expect to be able to control from a typical AV Admin console, such as setting the tamper proof password for all clients.  Or changing firewall rules for all clients, setting schedules for scans or expemptions for all clients.  

The whole thing has a very half backed feel.

I called my LogMeIn sales rep. I don't think this product is ready for prime time, and we should get a refund for a portion of the subscription.

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Re: Kaspersky & Russia?








I am patiently awaiting to hear a direct message from Log Me In regarding a potential national security threat. Even if the accusations turn out to be completely false, I believe it is a service that is owed to the user.

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Re: Kaspersky & Russia?

Log Me In responded quickly to the email I sent to their Support Email. Their response is as follows:



Thank you for contacting LogMeIn and I understand your concern with the recent claims being made in the news about Kasperksy. At LogMeIn, we strive to have the most secure and user protected software possible.

Our company would like to put our customer's minds at ease about this issue. The following bullet points explain where we stand, as a company, in relation to Kaspersky.

  • The security of our customers is a paramount priority
  • We are aware of the reports in the media about Kaspersky, and we are monitoring the situation closely
  • The Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business software is offered to Central Premier customers as a complementary and optional benefit, and it is neither required nor bundled with Central – Central customers can decide, on their own, whether or not they chose to activate it
  • At this time, we have not been contacted by any federal, state or local law enforcement or any other government entity regarding Kaspersky, nor do we have reason to believe that Central customers are exposed to any risk

We are here to assist our customers 24 hours a day Mon-Fri. If you need further assistance, simply reply to this email or give us a call at 1-866-478-1805.

If we have answered your question, we will send you an email in the next few days asking for your feedback. We value your opinion and thank you in advance for taking the time to click on the survey link and let us know how your experience was with our team.

Thank you,

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Re: Kaspersky & Russia?

If you use the new "Updater" feature where it updates applications, this also installs Kaspersky software to do this function.  Seems Logmein is riddled with Kaspersky software, and it may not be easy to get away from them.