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Another one bites the dust. After 12 years using Logmein, I deleted all of my 65 servers from my Central account. I understand about rising prices and keep profitable, but in less than  4 years it went from $199 to almost $900 for Central Basic - 100 computers. No new features, just pure greed.


I guess as more users leave due to insane price increases, the less people are left to keep this monster afloat. Instead of adding new features to attrack new custoimers, they just increase the price for the rest that are left onboard.


Year after year I keep hearing the same..."It's just an adjustment, we are done after this year..."yeah, right! Fool me once...well, you know the rest.


Goodbye, been nice knowing you, thanks for the memories, and please treat the few left behind with more respect and stop taking advantage of them as you are not the only game in town. For the same $900 I got Unlimited nodes with Teamviewer that does the same thing and then some, and that I don't have to keep renewing every year.


Log me Out!