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New users beware!! Not happy with pricing, Quit logmein!!

After reading many problems people were having with their auto renewals and the pricing jumping so much over the past few years, I decided to leave LogMeIn. Instead of calling and dealing with their non existant support over pricing I let my account expire by not providing an updated card number and or changing the billing card to something not working. Here is what I wrote to the person who tried to get me to renew.


I am indeed letting my account expire intentionally. I have been using Logmein non stop since 2006 and have the seen the price double and triple over the past few years. I have had quite enough. Your product may be nice and polished but your pricing is out of control.

2010 - $299
2011 - $299
2012 - $299
2013 - $299
2014 - $499
2015 - $853
2016 - $1280
2017 - $3999!!!!

I'm not waiting to see if the price goes up anymore. Everything that has been talked about in your forums from other customers has shown me I'm not the only person being taken advantage of. Judging by how many other customers have been billed in error after requesting to discontinue the use use of your product and asked not to be automatically billed,  I think I made the right choice. I don't expect that anybody at your company can make this right. In the grand scheme of things I'm sure you'll make enough off of other bigger accounts that nobody will miss my ($3999!!!!!!!) payment.

 It is with a heavy heart ,and now a heavier pocket, that I must let you go.



So my account is no longer active and I moved all of my computers to TeamViewer12. It is not as polished as the logme(I'M)out product but it works and I own that version and it was 1/3 the price that logmeout was getting ready to try and bill (rape) me for.


Almost immediately after my account went inactive I started getting emails notifications every few weeks with attempted logins from foreign countries I have never done business with. I am Based in the US and I keep getting attempted logins (invited and regular user login fails) from Xi'an China ,  Hanoi Vietnam , Anápolis Brazil , and from a few African counties somewhere. Some of the admin users that had logmein still loaded on their pc's also would get an failed attempted login popups. I uninstalled all instances of logmein on all customer and working computers.


I never had any failed login attemts from foreign areas until I cancelled my account. So did somebody at logmein pass off my info hoping to get or sell access to computers to be compromised or steel data, I dunno but it seems very suspicious.


Even if they dropped their price and asked me to come back, I no longer trust they are as secure internally as I once thought they were. Your mileage may vary...........


Somewhere in this board somebody produced a leaked internal memo, document, or employee presentation showing their new pricing model moving forward as they were promising people it wasnt going to go higher.











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Re: New users beware!! Not happy with pricing, Quit logmein!!

I'm sorry if the above post was long and rambling and that I did not spellcheck it. I literally just got a failed login from a foreign country today and that set me off to give my story and experience.


As a side note to changing to Teamviewer. I have a small support team of three to take care of over 250 customer computers, servers and tablets. I did do my homework on the products available on the market and teamviewer by far was used by the majority of the tech support teams of the tech companies I work with. I sat with Teamviewer support on the phone for an hour and a half having them show me the product and going detail by detail on how it compares to features of logmein. I will say 90% of the major features I used logmein for were covered by Teamviewer. They did try and check with level two support and people on their software design team about trying to get one or two of the features I liked about logmein that they didn't duplicate.


Some of those features may come along at some point or not, but the main thing is I can still serve my customers needs and not break the bank year after year with getting auto charged for unwarranted price increases. It may not work for all support teams because of the way it is licensed, but you only pay one time for a software package and you own it at its current level of features for as long as its supported, you cant go wrong.