Please add an email confirmation and add ability to sell webinars using Stripe after the fact

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Please add an email confirmation and add ability to sell webinars using Stripe after the fact

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Please add an email confirmation and add ability to sell webinars using Stripe after the fact

Love the platform. It's allowing us to connect with our community members in a really meaningful way (hopefully now and in the future even when the pandemic is over).


I have a major ask that will prevent me from going insane. I am running a series right now that has 250 people registered for it. Of those, I discovered a half dozen incorrectly typed their email addresses wrong in their registration. It took me several hours to figure this out and come up with a work around to correct it. It was a paid registration for the webinar series, so I had to create a unique discount code for each of them to re-register and send them an explanation email walking them through how they incorrectly entered their email and how to re-register so they could accesss the webinar series.


Would it please be possible to add a field that requires the user to re-enter their email for accuracy verification? I have to do this all the time with e-commerce sites, my bank, etc., so I don't think it would be too much of an nuisance for the user. I guess you could also make it optional so if an organizer doesn't think its needed, they don't have to make it required. 


One other request, can you please consider adding an e-commerce feature so organizers can use Stripe to sell the webinar after the fact? I love how elegant the recording, rendering, archiving of a past webinar works, but would love to be able to sell these webinars after they are published and earn revenue off them. Now to do this, we have to create a workaround using PayPal and it isn't very user friendly. My guess is this feature would likely pay for itself as LogMeIn would earn more revenue from Stripe transactions v/s sending that revenue to PayPal.


Thanks again for an exceptional product. Overall we are having a great experience, so these requests are more about improving the organizer experience v/s complaints.


Thank you and have a good day.


Kind regards,


LogMeIn Contributor

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for the feedback!


We are considering email verification upon registration and an option to charge for recordings in the future. They are two separate ideas that have been discussed here in the past, though I don't know if they're on the drawing board for development yet.

New Contributor

Thank you for responding. That's the hallmark of a really great company and I really appreciate it. It makes me feel good knowing someone actually read what I took the time to write and to process it and then write back. So many companies could learn a thing or two if they just listened. I really appreciate your responsiveness and the fact that your leadership thinks this is important as well. Have a great week and keep up the good work. Kind regards, Christopher