Allow Applications to re-use Passwords

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Allow Applications to re-use Passwords

Allow Applications to re-use Passwords

The use-case that prompted this suggestion is that I have the Steam app on my phone, and on my desktop PC. I'm using a normal LastPass Password (username + password) to sign in on my phone, and an Application to allow me do use the Ctrl + Alt + F autofill on my PC.


The problem is, to the best of my knowledge, that I have to duplicate the credentials for the two secrets, which adds a bit more overhead, especially when the time comes to update it.


My suggestion is an optional drop down-menu in the "Add/Edit Application" pop-ups that allows us to choose a pre-defined set of credentials to use. If no relevant credentials are present, we can continue to use the Username- and Password-fields like normal.

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Have you tried going into app settings in your autofill configuration and assigning the existing site entry to the app?

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I don't understand this idea*.  This wouldn't encourage password reuse (the common, bad kind)?

You're not just looking for the "Equivalent Domains" feature?  It can be used to avoid having to duplicate credentials.

(If you you ARE looking for the "Equivalent Domains" feature

  1. ... access your Vault ...
  2. Select Account Settings in the left navigation.
  3. Click the Equivalent Domains tab.
  4. Also note the URL Rules tab - it's related.
  5. Use the help system if you can't figure out how these tabs work.


*I don't use Steam, so perhaps that's a factor.