Better UI suggestions for LastPass Authenticator

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Better UI suggestions for LastPass Authenticator

Better UI suggestions for LastPass Authenticator

Once you get more than a few accounts enrolled with Authenticator, it gets difficult to manage them and find the code you want, since they're in a list in the order you created them, and they all look the same and each one takes up more screen real estate than it should. I know you can manually re-order them, but some better ideas might be:


- Option to automatically alphabetize

- Icons to visually designate the website (all the other competing authenticator apps do this!)

- "Favorites" list

- Category folders


Thanks for listening!

New Member

I was going to post my own suggestions, but jd2k covered absolutely everything I'd ask for!


Even without the icons – and having previously used Authy, I can say that they are incredibly helpful – being able to split up my work and personal accounts at minimum would be fantastic. Having a more simplified, icon-based view of sites and only showing one code at a time would help in searching for the one you need. In the current list, better differentiation between rows would be wonderful, and could be easily accomplished with a slight grey background between alternating rows.

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There should also be an option for smaller fontsizes to gain more overview