Custom Icons for Vault items

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Custom Icons for Vault items

Custom Icons for Vault items

Would like the ability to add/modify the icon associated with passwords.


Two Scenarios that I need custom icons:

1.  LastPass cannot find an Icon to apply to the password on it's own .  This happens on LOTS of sites, including local devices like my router web UI.

2.  When I have multiple passwords for the same site.  For example I have 3 of my own Microsoft accounts, plus i keep the password for my wife and daughter.  Would be nice to easily identify these visually.

New Member

Second that! LastPass misses A LOT of icons and it is very difficult to navigate, especially if you use it more and more.

I am hesitating to upgrade to Pro exactly because of that - the product is great but not entirely.

Active Contributor

By the way, I understand hesitation in storing a TON of people's individual icons for thousands of different sites.


While not ideal it would also be acceptable if we were just able to choose from a selection of "stock icons".  Like if there were 100-200 standard icons like "Financial", "Smart Home",  "Gaming", "Social Media", "Hobbies" etc....that would even be helpful.