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Full screen isn't full screen

The previous GoToMeeting application showed the presenter's video full screen when selecting full screen.


The new GoTo application does not show full screen when selecting full screen. Instead, it slightly enlarges the video, leaving nearly half of the screen real estate to be needlessly blocked on the top and bottom by black bars with buttons.


This layout reduces the value of GoTo from a premium service to match the approximate features of several freeware competitors.


As a customer with 100s of endpoints, I am disappointed in the new meeting tools that GoTo has decided to downgrade to. Full screen, on a premium video conferencing service, possibly the most expensive on the market, should be full screen.


I hope others' will join me in voicing their disappointment in this new version of GoTo's handling of the full screen layout.

GoTo Moderator

@00sivan  Thanks for the feedback here.  We'll discuss some options with the development team for improvement. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Active Contributor

Thanks for the reply, but I think you misunderstand the issue.

To clarify, side by side, same call, same computer, same monitor, same presenter, same time. Old app is full screen. New app is roughly 7/10 of the screen when full screen is enabled.

This is a UI design choice. Not a resolution issue. Stop reserving screen space for your buttons. We don't want to see them. We want to see the video.
GoTo Manager

Hi @00sivan,


Thank you for the feedback. Currently, with the new GoTo App the attendee's view appears in a window, they are shown your full screen but depending upon the resolution difference between your screen and theirs it may be scaled to fit inside that window. 

Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Active Contributor

I must be missing a setting or something. Top and bottom of the screen are consumed by buttons. There's barely any room for video. See screenshot below. Are these supposed to tuck away when the video starts? They don't.


Active Contributor

Here it is in Active Camera layout. Same problem. Squiggles indicate wasted screen space. Again, I'm the presenter, so deductively this cannot be caused by mismatched resolutions.


Screenshot 2022-05-13 104613.jpg



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we're facing the exact same problem here when sharing a screen with the new Goto-App. This is far beyond a real full screen and looks disappointing  compared to the former version of the Goto-App.

Also the use of the sharing features is even way more complicated when you need to show several windows. You can't simply change them but have to select them one by one.

We hope to have an improvement soon from Goto, a these "new" App is several steps back to where is was before.




New Contributor

We also noticed the too small screen on the guests' side. Documents and screen presentations are hardly recognisable.

Unacceptable compared to MS Teams. If there is no quick improvement here, we will change providers.


New Contributor

This is our current situation, what is absolutly NOT suitable to present software to a new customer. We are sure that GTM will update this App to a more reasonable one.


New Contributor

With other screen sharing services, the attendees are able to have my screen (the presenter) take up the ENTIRE screen of their computer monitor.  GoTo does NOT allow my screen to completely fill in their monitor screen and this is a big negative about your service.


Please, please correct this!