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Full screen isn't full screen

The previous GoToMeeting application showed the presenter's video full screen when selecting full screen.


The new GoTo application does not show full screen when selecting full screen. Instead, it slightly enlarges the video, leaving nearly half of the screen real estate to be needlessly blocked on the top and bottom by black bars with buttons.


This layout reduces the value of GoTo from a premium service to match the approximate features of several freeware competitors.


As a customer with 100s of endpoints, I am disappointed in the new meeting tools that GoTo has decided to downgrade to. Full screen, on a premium video conferencing service, possibly the most expensive on the market, should be full screen.


I hope others' will join me in voicing their disappointment in this new version of GoTo's handling of the full screen layout.

GoTo Manager

Hi @Davebu, welcome to the community.


We will be adding the Flexible Layout option to the Attendee experience that will enable this. Currently, it only available to the Presenter.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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