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I do not want GOTO to pop up - I don't want to see my messages and phone calls

This new interface is horrible, clunky and not user friendly.  I do not want to see the screen with my messages and phone calls.  I just want to create a future meeting and notify my attendees via email while having the meeting populate to my calendar with one or two clicks like it used to be.  Now I have to see the GOTO screen everytime, I cannot just one click to create a new meeting and then email an invite.  I use this multiple times a day and the changes that were made are not at all user friendly in my humble opinion. I have to manually call up the old style HUB?  Our company is now looking at other options.

GoTo Manager

Hi @karenb, welcome to the community.


Thank you for your feedback and I apologize for the frustration.

  • One-click meetings (aka Meet Now, Instant Meetings), are being worked on for the new GoTo Meeting experience and will be added in a future update.  
  • The Calls, Messages, Voicemail, etc options are only displayed if you also have a GoTo Connect license (which you do). The new GoTo App window remembers the last selection you were looking at, so if that was your Meetings page it should open to that the next time by default.
  • Currently, if you link your Google or Office 365 Calendar any GoTo Meetings you accept will be added to your Meetings section of the GoTo App, newly scheduled meetings are not copied back to your Calendar, yet.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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