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New Contributor

Lag when screen sharing in the new GoTo App

The lag time was absolutely terrible. I was the "driver" for our meeting presentation and the presenter seemed to think I was a minute behind. They felt the need to tell me to move ahead when I already had. 

I also couldn't pause the screenshare so I could bring up another screen. The feature was disabled even though I was the organizer. The next best option was to stop sharing, but when I tried to do it the lag was more than 10 seconds (I timed it). By the time I stopped, brought up the new screen and then re-started the share, more than a minute had gone by. 

I will be reverting to the old version. It may be clunky, but at least I can navigate it seamlessly.  

Active Contributor

Re: Lag when screen sharing in the new GoTo App

This is still a problem now, and the longer the session, the longer the lag and latency becomes. Are you planning on fixing this. It is pretty major issue.

GoTo Manager

Re: Lag when screen sharing in the new GoTo App


Please use the built-in Report an Issue option when this happens.

Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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