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New GoTo-App unmute request

The classic GoTo-App allows organizers of meetings to mute and unmute participants (if they mute themselves, they cannot be unmuted).

The new software does not allow an organizer who has muted a participant to unmute them, only the option to send a request is available.


Participants using the classic GoTo-App can still be muted and unmuted entirely by the organizer (after initially unmuting themselves),however, anyone using the new app (even when muted by an organizer using the classic one) has to manually confirm the unmute. 


We utilize the meeting software to supervise exams running in a protected environment, once the exam has started, the participants do not have access to any other programs, including the meeting app. This means participants cannot confirm the unmute request and are unable to communicate once muted by an organizer (e.g. to temporarily silence background noises). 


Our primary reason to choose GoToMeeting (with two running subscriptions) more than two years ago was the seemingly unique ability, among the vast offer of meeting tools, to mute and unmute participants as organizers without requiring the participants input.


Is there any way to regain access to this feature or has it been removed for good?

New Contributor

Re: New GoTo-App unmute request

After preliminary research, it seems that other platforms offer the ability to "enable pre-approved consent to be unmute"; a similar option would be satisfactory.
GoTo Manager

Re: New GoTo-App unmute request

Hi @EBCL_IT, welcome to the community, and thank you for your detailed feedback. Allowing the organizer to unmute an attendee is considered a potential privacy issue, which is why we replaced it with a request for the attendee to unmute themselves. That being said, we are always listening to your feedback and making adjustments.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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