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New GoTo issues/missing features-lag keyboard/mouse and admin requesting -require app

New GoTo issues/missing features


  While trying to work with the new version of GoTo, I experienced some issues.  I am hoping to see some fixed and others added to the list of fixes for future releases. 


Is there  an ETA on when the old GoToMeeting will no longer be available?


- The Lag with Organizer using keyboard and mouse that is experienced from long  GoTo session is awful.   (High Priority)

I did a GoTo support Call  and Eric switched the hardware acceleration off to see if that helps. 

I was doing a  4 hours session, the lag was really bad when I had a user as a presenter and I was trying to remote control the mouse and keyboard.  The mouse was worse than the keyboard, but laggy.  


-  Admin requesting  keyboard/mouse (Medium Priority)

  In the older version of the app, I was able to request keyboard and mouse from the presenter and even have it so that it is done during making them presenter.  


-require app (medium priority)

  There are times when people join in on the Web version and it limits the ability that can be done.  I am now told that the older GoToMeeting App version limits ability for the GoTo version.   

In the previous version of GoToMeeting, you could see who is using the (Web) and who is not.  It would be nice to see that again and who is on the (GoToMeeting) vs the (GoTo).  

User 1(Web)

User 2(GoToMeeting)

User 3(GoTo)



It would be nice if the organizer, click on the user and request them to switch to GoTo App.






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Fix Remote Screen Control - Lags and Mouse Goes Wild

The remote screen control on the new GoTo app is not very functional.


I've been using GoToMeeting for years because it's always been the best tool for remote screen control. I work with clients all day helping them use Tableau to work with data and build visuals.


A few weeks ago, I was forced over to the new GoTo app and am not able to use the old GoToMeeting app anymore. In the new GoTo app, there is still the capability to give remote screen control, and I've had it work fine for a few minutes at a time, but inevitably it starts to fail.


I've noticed two significant issues; 1) After a few minutes, a significant lag time develops. Probably in the ballpark of 5-10 seconds. Enough to make it barely worth it to use the remote control. 2) The mouse starts moving wildly and has a mind of it's own.


Please note two things. 1) I never had this issue with GoToMeeting which I've been using for almost a decade. Funny enough, the superior remote screen control was my favorite thing about GTM. 2) This has happened with numerous clients on numerous days. It's not an issue with an internet or my clients moving their mouses. I've worked with these people for years on GTM and never had this issue. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. It doesn't fix it.


So I think the remote screen control capability needs to be more thoroughly tested for extended periods of time and fixed. I would like to keep using your product but I can't see it being a fit long-term if this isn't resolved.



Eric Parker


P.S. I know there is a crazy workaround to use GTM but it sounds like it's being discontinued anyways so that's not a long-term solution.

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Re: New GoTo issues/missing features-lag keyboard/mouse and admin requesting -require app

Hi @BenjaminLanders welcome to the GoTo Community. Thanks for your detailed feedback. Please note: 


  •  At this time we don't have an ETA for the removal of the GoTo Meeting Classic version, but will be sure to give a heads up in Community when those plans are made available. 
  • Thanks for your feedback and for sharing your experience on the lag. We will be passing this on to the team for review. 
  • Requesting Mouse and Keyboard access is slated to be available soon. We will update this Community thread once it's available. 
  • I don't know if the ability to make visible if customers are on the web or app is in the works, but we will pass this this request on to the team. 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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