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New Contributor

Re: GoToMeeting mute attendees by default when they join

The old app had a way to set this up. Now I notice that even when I am muted and join the meeting, GTM unmutes the microphone. Having everyone muted as they join the meeting eliminates a lot of noise and concerns. Once a person is settled, they can choose to unmute. Please add this feature back into GTM.

GoTo Moderator

Hi @rebecca3 

GoToMeeting removed the "Join Muted" setting to protect the privacy of our users.  All participants will join muted unless they choose otherwise in the preview window before joining a meeting.  You would need to change this setting in-app to join unmuted into the live broadcast.  


** To join the meeting with your audio unmuted, select Microphone in the Camera preview screen so that the icon glows blue. 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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