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New Contributor

Recent Changes to GoTo Meeting

I have recently struggled using GoTo Meeting as a change was introduced that removed the tick-box when changing presenter that allowed the host to request control of the new presenters keyboard and mouse.  As a heavy user of the product, I was not made aware of this change, and received no instructions on how to gain keyboard / mouse control until I reached out to your technical support team.  The methodology you have added whereby the new presenter has to go to the people icon, select the host, then right click and grant control is a 3 step process rather than the single step tick-box on the previous method.  You have added extra layers of complexity to this process that were not needed, the old methodology of just ticking a box to request control was much more straightforward and didn't rely on the new presenter having to navigate menu options on a product they may only be seeing for the first time. 

Also, when creating meetings using the Outlook plug in,  it would be nice to be able to customise and save the content (with the exception of the meeting link and app download link) of the meeting invite in profile settings, rather than having to modify every single meet invite message. Some of the content of the meeting invite message is not required in all cases, so a meeting organizer has to remove as needed every time they want to send a meeting invite.