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Very Furstrated with GoTo issues with backwards compatability

A lot of our vendors use GoToMeeting to provide technical assistance. Since the new GoTo app, they cannot request remote control. Support told me it was because they need to have remote control enabled in the accounts. However, I feel like this goes deeper. Yesterday, I tried to have a remote session with a tech. Once again, he could not request remote control. When I would connect using the GoTo app, it showed I was using the web on his end when I was using the app. So I decided to try to send him an invite from our account. When I did, it then showed him as using the web version, and he was not.


Since the new GoTo app, this has been a daily frustrating. I really feell they were not ready to launch the new app and be fully backwards compatible. I am now purchasing a Zoom account that I can send to vendors and initiate a session. I just cannot deal with this frustration any more. 

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Re: Very Furstrated with GoTo issues with backwards compatability

Hi @GTM254,


Please click on my profile and private message me the meeting ID from this session if you have it.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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