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attendees can draw

hi All, 

apparently in the new goto app, you can no longer draw over your screen, or let the attendees draw over the screen. 

Our office was heavily relying on this feature to communicate. It was one of the biggest advantages of goto over other platforms, can it be brought back? 

why does my app get updated automatically, i was perfectly happy with my old goto meeting app and really don't find this new one better in any way. 

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GoTo Manager

Hi @masmag, welcome to the community.


Drawing Tools are available in the new GoTo App, please review this section of our GoTo App User Guide


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Thanks for this info. TBH, this feels like a big step backwards. I am still using the Classic version as I use this feature with clients all the time. The notion that I have to give a client control of my desktop simply so they can annotate my screen seems like overkill and really kills momentum in a meeting. Plus, often i have multiple clients in a meeting that need to draw at the same time.


Is there a plan for the drawing functionality in the Classic version ("Allow attendees to draw") to be added to the new GoToMeeting?