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windows desktop app GTM fails/bugs?

Hi all:

First, I don't own a gotomeeting plan. I'm just a gotomeeting attendee who had a weird experience.

My issues are:

1- just dark theme? Really? did you know that people with some eye issues really prefer white or non-all black dark themes?  At least let people choose between dark theme and color system or white one.

2- have using desktop app GTM, but organizer tells me that I appear as "web browser session"; so unable to take control of the remote computer at all. No matter how many times press the mouse icon (is this a bug?).

3- as soon you detach the controls strip; the whole GTM increases consume and lags (I'm using core i7 8th gen) after one minute or two tends to stabilize.

4- what about add the "about this app..." menu item. Trying to troubleshoot my issue (point 2) didn't find a way to tell the organizer which version of GTM app am I using. 

5- from organizer point of view, there is a matrix of support compatibility in order to know if a desktop app is having issues with the organizer end ?


Hopefully, some of these issues are easily fixable. have a nice day.


GoTo Moderator

Re: windows desktop app GTM fails/bugs?

Hi @rbadilla welcome to the GoTo Community. I appreciate that you took the time to share your experience.  From a few things you note, like the organizer's knowledge that you are in the web browser, it appears you are on the classic version of the app. Currently, customers can choose to run the classic or new version of the app. There are a few things in the new app version that address your concerns like the ability to enable efficiency mode to save resources in your settings and clicking on the three dots (hamburger) on the top right to view the app version. Hopefully when you try the new app, it will be a better experience. 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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