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Getting Started in the GoTo Community

Welcome to the GoTo Community! Our aim is to create a space where GoTo customers can ask questions, share tips, exchange ideas. and get solutions to all GoTo products. 


We're dedicated to fostering a pleasant and collaborative environment, and we're glad you’re going to join us. The following represents how our community is set up and how you can jump in and start participating. So let’s get started! 


Registering and Choosing a username and profile picture 

If it’s your first time on the Community, click Register and login using your account username and password. Create a community username that will be your handle for all Community posts. With that in mind, please avoid creating a name that reflects advertising, inflammatory content, or something that could infer you are a GoTo employee. 


Next, upload a profile picture or select one of the default avatars which will appear next to all your posts.On the My Profile page click on the avatar you were assigned automatically. Upload your own image by clicking on From My Computer and browsing to it or select a new avatar by clicking on the 3 dots to the right and then From the Community.


Navigating the GoTo Community 

We have Discussion and Idea boards for almost all products. All boards are monitored Monday through Friday by GoTo staff. We aim for a satisfactory response to all questions or ideas you have whether it’s from GoTo moderators or another member. Most questions and ideas are reviewed and discussed with the team at large. 


The GoTo Community boards are broken out by product, under 3 main categories: 


Communications & Collaboration 






Engagement & Support




GoToAssistRemote Support


Access & Identity








We encourage you to visit often and contribute!


The best way to find answers and established conversations is by typing your question into the search box. If someone has asked something similar, their posts will appear for you to click. If no results pop up, it's possible that no one in the community has asked that question yet, and you can click "New Topic" on the appropriate board to start a new thread.


Subscribing To Posts And Boards


When you post to a board, you are automatically subscribed to receive email notifications when someone replies to your post. You can receive notifications whenever a post is made to a particular board by subscribing to it. On the board, choose ‘Subscribe.’ To manage your subscriptions, click on your profile.


Community Ranks


Move through ranks based on your activity and the quality of your contributions. Share your best practices, tips, and technical know-how, and provide solutions and support to your fellow GoTo users, and you will be recognized as a valued community member!


Community Guidelines


Please read the Community Terms of Service and the Community Guidelines about engaging with the GoTo Community.


Thanks for taking time to learn more about our Community. We encourage you to visit often, read a lot, and participate in discussions. Ask your toughest questions - chances are someone in the community has a solution or can point you in the right direction. If you find a solution that works, let others know and pass on your own tips and insights. You might just have the answer someone else needs!



Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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