Automatic Monthly Activity Reports

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Automatic Monthly Activity Reports

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Automatic Monthly Activity Reports

It would be great if we would get Activity Reports emailed to us on a monthly basis.  Is it possible to schedule a .csv or other format of all activity (or a filtered set)?
Chris Slovacek
New Contributor

Any development on this issue? I first submitted this in July of 2016.


I get automatic weekly reports from Fitbit (I think they probably have more users that LogMeIn). I get monthly reports from restaurants, etc.


It shouldn't be diifficult 

GoTo Moderator

Hi Chris, thanks for this enhancement idea!


Although I don't see that any other users in the GoToAssist Community have requested this, I was thinking you may be able to program a function through our APIs to accomplish this feat using the call  'GET Session Data'


Reference our APIs here: