GoToAssist Corporate (v11.9.10, b1356) Release Notes

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GoToAssist Corporate (v11.9.10, b1356) Release Notes

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  • Ability to lock customer's workstation at session end
  • Ability to block automatic updates for the customer desktop app
  • Timestamp improvements to session review
  • Bug fixes and minor changes


What's New?


Ability to Lock Customer's Workstation at Session End

  • A new portal setting is now available that provides representatives with the ability to automatically lock the customer's workstation at the end of a support session.  Once this portal setting is enabled for a representative's account, all support sessions they host will end in the customer's workstation locking when their session is disconnected.  (GTA-9679)
    • Note:  By default, this portal setting is disabled and set to False for all accounts.


Ability to Block Automatic Updates for the Customer Desktop App

  • A new portal setting is now available that prevents the GoToAssist Corporate Customer desktop application from automatically upgrading or downgrading (to match the representative's version of HelpAlert) when connecting to a support session.  When a customer attempts to join a session with a representative whose account is enabled with this portal setting, the customer will encounter an "incompatible version - session could not be established" error message and the session will close without a connection being made.  This feature is especially helpful for customers who join support sessions from locked-down environments with limited permissions applied to their user accounts.   (GTA-9571)



What's Improved?


Timestamp Improvements to Session Review

  • Managers and representatives (with Management Center access) now see the date of the session displayed in both session recordings and chat transcripts when accessing Session Review in the Management Center.  Previously, only the time of the session was displayed in session recordings and chat transcripts.  (GTA-9524) 


What's Fixed?

  • Fix for ensuring the "Customer left session" message displays upon session end on web browser close for all support sessions hosted in Chrome.  (GTA-9195)
  • Fix for ensuring Automatic Greeting messages are no longer displayed as cut off by implementing an error message upon saving that the character limit cannot exceed 250 characters per greeting.  (GTA-9559)
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