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GoToAssist Corporate (v11.9.5.5) Web App

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  • Ability to reset passwords for non-validated email addresses
  • Ability to control clipboard contents at start of screen sharing session
  • Improvements to managing business hours
  • New team setting for preventing representatives from denying pending queries
  • Enhancements to customer enqueue messaging
  • Finalized removal of previous company branding


What's New?

Ability to Reset Passwords for Non-Validated Email Addresses

  • Representatives, company managers, and team managers now have the option to send a password reset email to their account email address ("login" for representatives, "email" for managers), even if their email address has not yet been validated. This feature is now enabled by default for all accounts. (GTA-8720)
  • Users that attempt to reset their password via HelpAlert or the Management Center are now presented with an improved "Forgotten Password" window in their web browser, prompting them to choose from one of the following options: 
    • Send the reset email to you <email address> - Select this option and click Send to have an email containing a password reset link sent to your email address.  
    • Send a notification to your administrator to reset your password - Select this option and click Send to have an email notification sent to your account administrator to inform them that you are requesting a password reset so they can take action.

    Send reset email option



Send a notification optionMC_SendNotificationBoth.png


Ability to Control Clipboard Contents at Start of Screen Sharing Session

  • When an account's portal setting, "Clear Clipboard When ScreenShare Start" is set to true, the clipboard contents of the representative side is cleared automatically, and is not transferred over to the customer side at the start of the support session.  If the portal setting is set to false, the contents of the representative's clipboard will be automatically passed to the customer side when screen sharing begins, and is indicated by a message in the chat log, "Clipboard sent by <representative> accepted by <customer>."  (GTA-8819, -8986, -8987)
    • Note:  By default, this portal setting is set to false for all accounts.

Improvements to Managing Business Hours

  • Company and team managers that create and manage their company's business hours of operation for their customer portal can now further customize the "Open from" and "To" hours by individual days of the week.  These new changes will allow account holders with non-standard  business hours to accommodate the needs of their customers, and also provide flexibility for the upcoming Daylight Savings Time changes.  (GTA-8906)

New Business Hours SettingsNewBH.png


New Business Hours SettingsOldBH.png


Enhancements to Customer Enqueue Messaging

  • Account holders with Queue Mode portal(s) assigned to their account for fielding web-based chats (HTML and Flash only) will now have the option to choose whether or not to display the number of questions ahead of the customer when they submit a chat.  By default, HTML chat portals will always display the customer's place in line while waiting for a representative, however, now a portal setting adjustment can hide the message if the account holder chooses.  Previously, the number of queries was always displayed to the customer for HTML chat portals.  (GTA-8721)

Messaging displaying customer's place in lineQ_Displaying.png


Messaging hiding customer's place in line


New Team Setting for Preventing Representatives from Denying Pending Queries

  • To better hold representatives accountable when they are fielding chats via their SmartMatch, SmartBox, SmartButton, or Queue Mode portal, there is a new team setting, "Deny to enter Not-Ready mode when pending query" that prevents representatives from entering into "Not Available" status after a query has been posted.  If this team setting is enabled, when the representative is in "Available" mode and a chat is posted to them, the "Available" button becomes grayed out, and the representative can either accept the chat or deny it.  If the representative denies the chat, it will be displayed in the reporting as "declined," and if they take no action, it will be reported as "ignored."  (GTA-8728)
    • Note:  The portal setting, "Allow HA to enter Not-Ready mode" must be enabled.AvailableGray.png

Finalized Removal of Previous Company Branding

  • Due to the GoTo & LogMeIn merger, this release marks the finalized removal of our previous company branding, and has been updated (including all logos, in-app links, downloads, desktop app installation paths, etc.) to reflect that of LogMeIn, Inc..  (GTA-9099, -9126, 9169)
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