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Customer's screen not scaling correctly to my viewer

Whenever I connect to a computer I cannot control anything! The screen does not scale properly, yet the mouse does so it's a big guessing game on where to actually point to. Because of this, I cannot successfully remote into anywhere or get anything done.
LogMeIn Manager

Re: Customer's screen not scaling correctly to my viewer

Hi Jorden,

What version and build of GoToAssist Remote Support are you running? Can you tell me more about this client's PC? Is it a regular PC or a Surface Pro? Can you rung the Diagnostics Tool while you are connected to the PC and gather it's details?

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New Contributor

Re: Customer's screen not scaling correctly to my viewer

It’s the newest version of GoToAssist. I run this program on HP Desktop Mini, HP ProBook, and the occasional HP ProDesk. They’re all running Windows 10 creators update and they all have dual monitors (HP 24uh) with default DPI settings and 100% scaling.

I have tried to turn off all of the recommended settings such as disabling various graphical options like the desktop wallpaper and smooth font, as well as tried the different zoom options from the GoToAssist application itself. Nothing works and this is an ongoing issue with almost all of the computers on my domain.