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Unattended Installer Issues

We have had Go To Assist for a while, yes we have also noticed the severe decline in quality once LogMeIn took over.
Anyway, we have had this issue on and off for a while.
Per their documentation I can take the MSI installer for unattended and deploy to 5,000 machines.
This works 50% of the time, when I call support it seems no ones know what I am talking about.
I have done some digging myself:

In the "failed" install, the application will install but will not setup unattended support automatically, it still needs to be setup by right-clicking the icon in the sys tray.
Downloading a "fresh" installer from the website and running it seems to work, however the version number is the same as the installer that does not work,


So basily I have 2 installers with the same version, one works and one doesnt and I am not sure why this is.
Furthermore, if I image 3 machines, somtimes 2 will fail to setup unattended but one will be fine, this seems to be random.


Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this?

New Contributor

Re: Unattended Installer Issues

Sorry just to add to this.
We have 10+ groups.

I just tested and group A fails to setup unattended and group B works with no issues.
Both installers are the same version and were downloaded within mintues of eachother.

LogMeIn Manager

Re: Unattended Installer Issues

Hi @TDPrelude 


Are there any differences between the two groups? Size? Settings?


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