Admin Center (v4.35.0 Web) Release Notes

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Admin Center (v4.35.0 Web) Release Notes

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  • New "Add Licenses" option
  • New "Organization" pane in Admin Settings
    • Ability to access the Organization Center via Admin Settings
    • Ability to disable Welcome and change emails sent via User Sync
  • Improvements to User Sync messaging
  • Redesign of Activity History
  • Support for RescueAssist Mobile Add-on


What's New?

New "Add Licenses" Option

  • Need more product seats?  No problem!  Admins now see a new "Add Licenses" option displayed in the left menu of the Admin Center.  Upon clicking Add Licenses, most billing contacts are redirected to the Billing Center at where they can add more seats and products.  However, "corporate" account holders are prompted to select their desired product; if they are adding licenses to an existing subscription, they are redirected to the Corporate Billing Portal at to complete the process for adding more seats.  If they're trying to add a new product to their account, they will be redirected to a form that they can fill out to contact a LogMeIn sales representative.
  • Additionally, the Add Licenses button will turn blue to inform the admin when the total seat count for a product subscription is near capacity.  (EXTERNALADMIN-2542)



  • If an admin (that is not the billing contact) clicks Add Licenses, they will encounter a message informing them that they need to contact their billing admin to make product or licensing changes.  Their billing contact's email address is displayed in the message, and they can click Email the billing admin to contact them.  Learn more about billing admins.ContactBillingAdmin.png


New "Organization" Pane in Admin Settings

Ability to Access the Organization Center via Admin Settings

  • Admins can now go to the "Organization" pane in Admin Settings to access the Organization Center, where they can create and manage organizations for setting up the Active Directory Connector v2 (automated provisioning) and/or enabling Enterprise Sign-In (SSO) for users.  
  • Admins can click Set up to begin creating a new organization by verifying 1 or more email domains.  If an organization has already been created, the admin can click Edit to manage their email domains, Identity Provider, and organization users in the Organization Center.  Previously, admins had to manually navigate to to access the Organization Center and manage these settings.  (EXTERNALADMIN-2513)

Ability to Disable Welcome and Change Emails sent via User Sync

  • Admins who have set up an organization for their account can now go to the "Organization" pane in Admin Settings to select the Disabled for User Sync option to disable Welcome emails, as well as any product and/or permission change notifications.  This allows admins to communicate these changes on their own, and also prevents any unwanted automatic email notifications from being sent to their users.  Previously, admins did not have the option to suppress these emails from being sent to their users.  (EXTERNALADMIN-2511)
    • Note:  Welcome and change email notifications are enabled by default.  Additionally, OpenVoice users will still receive the Welcome email by default, as it contains critical, user-specific information that is required to use their account. 



Improvements to User Sync Messaging

  • Admins that use automated provisioning via User Sync will now encounter detailed banner(s) indicating if a sync has failed and users were unable to be provisioned due to users having existing accounts and/or the account being out of licenses.  For each type of failure, admins can click Details to view the list of users that were unable to be synced, and take appropriate action by either contacting support or purchasing more licenses.  Once the cause of the failure is resolved, admins can click Retry sync to sync users once again.  Previously, these failure messages would only appear in the Activity History, and now they appear in both places. (EXTERNALADMIN-2557)



Redesign of Administrative Activity History

  • Admins will now see that the Administrative Activity History – which is used for tracking all changes made within the Admin Center – has been fully redesigned to accommodate various usability improvements, including:
    • New granular filtering – Use the new drop-down menus to filter by activity type, admin, and status (failure or success).
    • Markedly improved date range menu– Use the new pre-populated date range selections, or manually select your date range (must be within 31 days or less)
    • New eye-catching totals – View the total number of activities, days within the selected date range, admins for the account, and changes that were failures or successes (based on your filtered selections)NewActivityHistory.png


Support for RescueAssist Mobile Add-On

  • Admins that provision users with a named or concurrent RescueAssist seat can additionally select "With Mobile Add-on" (if mobile add-on seats are included in their subscription) to allow agents to remotely control Android devices, remotely view iOS devices, and utilize Seeit camera share functionality.  Please note that the mobile add-on can only be selected if a named or concurrent seat is also selected.  Learn more about RescueAssist.  (EXTERNALADMIN-2597)
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