Login Service (v1.22.2) Release Notes

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Login Service (v1.22.2) Release Notes

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  • Automatic Account Lockout for Suspicious Login Attempts


What's New?


Automatic Account Lockout for Suspicious Login Attempts

  • Users logged in via the Web App – whose account has had at least one unidentified yet suspicious login attempt detected while they are actively logged in – will now be logged out immediately and required to unlock their account via password reset in order to log in again (GoToMeeting lockout message example shown below).  This security strengthening measure ensures that the account holder can access their account email address to change their password during a deemed account compromise attempt.  (SOAAUTHSVC-2690)
    • Note:  If an account holder attempts to log in from an unverified location (that is not suspected to be malicious), a verification code will be sent to the account email address in order for the user to verify their login.




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‎01-15-2019 05:10 PM
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