GoToAssist Service Desk (v161.0.6) - Web App

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GoToAssist Service Desk (v161.0.6) - Web App

LogMeIn Contributor


  • New app switcher menu in toolbar


What's New?


New App Switcher Menu in Toolbar

  • Agents will now see a new app switcher drop-down menu next to "GoToAssist" in the toolbar of their account, which can be used to access their Remote Support and/or Prompt ai accounts.  Previously, "Remote Support" was displayed directly in the toolbar for access, and agents did not have the ability to switch directly to their Prompt ai account from within Service Desk.  (LZ-1348)
  • Additionally, if the agent's account is not enabled for one or both of these products, they will be redirected to the product's informational landing page, where they can set up a free trial if desired. 

New toolbarAppSwitcherMenu.png


Previous toolbarOldToolbar.png