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GoToAssist Service Desk Custom Data Connector for Power BI

Does anybody know if LogMeIn has any intention of developing a custom data connector for Power BI? I have developed my own custom data connector for Power BI that utilizes the GoToAssist Service Desk API but I have to manually refresh this data connector every morning. I also am not able to utilize this data connector to obtain all of our ticket data with one HTTP API call because when I try I recieve an error code of 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR. I have had to break this down into one API call for every distinct assigned IT Support technician and then append the quieries in order to form one dataset that I can use in Power BI. So I have to manualy refresh 6 or more queries every morning and obtain a new access token for each one in order to get past the OAuth2 authentication with the GoToAssist Service Desk API.  Our company went from ZenDesk to GoToAssist as our IT ticketing system and when searching the marketplace it appears that ZenDesk has had a PowerBI Custom Data Connector avaliable in the Power BI marketplace for quite some time now.

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