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New Contributor

Using Macros on Tickets


I know that you can create templates to use for when you are creating tickets. However, when you send the same reply to all customers in the first instances, its time consuming either having to type it out every time, or have it saved in a word or text document

What would be nice to have, is the ability to have macros that you can use adhoc when you are in a ticket. 

The main one that would be greatly beneficial to the speed and effectiveness that we work at would be to triage tickets with a Macro. 


For example: 
When a ticket is sent in to the support desk, it has a priority set and a incident type set as default but no solution. When the support agent has castigated and prioritized it correctly, we would go back to the customer to update them. The Macro would be something along the lines of: 

"Dear <<Customer Name>>, 

Thank you for your support request. We have castigated and prioritized it as the following: 

<<Incident Type>>

We will be in contact with you once we have completed our investigation on this matter

Kind Regards