Allow customization of the default invitation text

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Allow customization of the default invitation text

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Allow customization of the default invitation text

I regularly create GoToMeeting sessions and pop the details intothe bottom of a calendar invite so both the link and the dial details are clear to see from there.

Every time I copy the text out I format it to strip out most of the text that's there. All I ever really want is:
 Canada: +1... [rest of number]
 United Kingdom: +44... [rest of number]
 United States: +1... [rest of number]

 Access Code: [code / meeting ID here]

It is quite frustrating removing the unnecessary lines every time to keep the info to the stuff my attendees actually need, I would dearly love to be able to pick a format for default clipboard copy that makes this easier! I know many of my colleagues do the same thing.

I have previously provided feedback about this, but since then you've changed the default text that gets copied and it is longer and more frustrating to format now.

It's a shame as your software is still the best way for me to screenshare and demo to colleagues & clients, so I end up doing this quite a lot! 🙂 The screen share quality vs Google Hangouts is generally much better.


New Member
customize meeting invite:
I would like to be able to cusstomize the default text that gets populatedf into a meeting invite when using the GoTo meeting plugin for MS Office Outlook. Its annoying that each time I create a new meeting I have to go and cut and paste the same text into the new meeting invite.
GoTo Manager
Hi Dave,

This isn't currently possible but I'll change this topic to an idea.
New Member
Glenn, I agree with the above post. It would be nice to have the option of customizing your email invite template, so each time we invite attendees, we don't have to customize the automated GoTo invitation.
Jamie Black
Active Contributor
Agreed!! This would be very helpful!
Jarl Meagher
New Member
This would be awesome
John Austin
New Member
Agree the lack of customizing the invite was very surprising its would seem to be such as basic feature.
Hugh Gigante
New Member
It would be very nice to be able to customize the invitation text, especially since the text provided is so poorly written!
Kris Gesling
New Member
Particularly the bit about the audio PIN, I always have participants contacting me for their pin when they call in as they don't really understand its purpose or where to find it.
Don Small
New Member
I can't believe this hasn't been fixed yet. Very basic request.
Intland Dautel
New Member
A start would be an option to select the language of the invitation text.