Allow customization of the default invitation text

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Allow customization of the default invitation text

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Allow customization of the default invitation text

I regularly create GoToMeeting sessions and pop the details intothe bottom of a calendar invite so both the link and the dial details are clear to see from there.

Every time I copy the text out I format it to strip out most of the text that's there. All I ever really want is:
 Canada: +1... [rest of number]
 United Kingdom: +44... [rest of number]
 United States: +1... [rest of number]

 Access Code: [code / meeting ID here]

It is quite frustrating removing the unnecessary lines every time to keep the info to the stuff my attendees actually need, I would dearly love to be able to pick a format for default clipboard copy that makes this easier! I know many of my colleagues do the same thing.

I have previously provided feedback about this, but since then you've changed the default text that gets copied and it is longer and more frustrating to format now.

It's a shame as your software is still the best way for me to screenshare and demo to colleagues & clients, so I end up doing this quite a lot! 🙂 The screen share quality vs Google Hangouts is generally much better.


Rob Gowing
New Member
yes, that would be awesome! We want to tweak the PIN information and add basic information regarding mobile devices.

the Admin settings should have this feature to update the default meeting invite text for all corporate users.
John Waterhouse
New Member
Please add this feature, we use GTM internally mostly and don't need all the extra info. Mostly we paste the ID into Skype.

As a minimum you could have an option to send just the meeting id to the clipboard - or even make the meeting ID copy-able from the 'invite others' pop-up.
Aurora Komnene
New Member
me too! I have a meeting template in Outlook that I use and it would be FANTASTIC to be able to update the GTM Outlook plugin meeting invitation to match.
denise garduno
New Member
its good
Joe Booth
New Member
This needs to happen.  It would be nice to have a default custom layout with things like the meeting information (link and phone), but also your signature or a draft of a agenda that you can fill out each time.  This would save a lot of time.
Joe Booth
New Member
Make it happen!  this request came in two years ago.  
Jordan Heighway
New Member
I change the text every single time so this would be a beneficial. Why does it list access code and meeting ID separately if they are always the same thing (at least for me)? There is also way too much text, so I delete it all and format it as folllows. 

1.  Please join my meeting by clicking this link:


2.  Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.  Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial +1 (555) 749-3122

Access Code/Meeting ID: 555-123-157

Tim Garry
New Member
Jordan, I do the same, except I move the Dial and Access Code to the right .5in.  What I'm thinking about doing is create an email signature with my MeetNow details and use it whenever necessary.  Attached is a screenshot of one of my invites.  If I do end up making a signature with my info, I'll upload a screenshot of that as well.


Active Contributor
I also add a cell phone friendly phone number, so the caller never has to type in the meeting ID.  I wish this was an option for the system to generate this automatically...

Cell Friendly: 999-555-1212,,123456789#
Rafayel Chibukh
New Member
Hey there guys from GTM support ! Are you reading this ?