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GoToMeeting Hand Raise Feature Request

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GoToMeeting Hand Raise Feature Request

A common problem with conference calls is the collisions that happen when more than one person is trying to speak at a time. It would be helpful if meeting attendees can "raise a hand" indicating they'd like to speak.

We know most people sit on mute on the call waiting for a moment to talk, so this would help facilitate that question/comment. Obviously it's not going to work for all situations, but would be helpful for most.

This would be accomplished using the gotomeeting sidebar desktop app commonly used for the screensharing controls/chat.

Tom Rayfield
New Member
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Raised Hand Button for Got To Meeting Console.

Suggest a button be added to the console to allow a participant in the go to meeting software to raise their hand to be recognized for questions, similar to go to webinar
New Member
Yes please.  Our conferences often turn into a log jam of people trying to speak at once.  Allowing the moderator to select people to talk after "raising hand" would be very very useful
Amy Ferrer
New Member
This feature is still very much needed. Managing a conference call of 25 people without a "raise hand" feature is incredibly challenging.
Community Liter
New Member

We would really like to be able to have a show of hands at meetings where decisions are being made. Something like the show of hands on the CENTRA product.

cbm Canada
New Member
This feature would be great in GTM.  Our attendees are located in different parts of the globe, the hand raising feature would be useful when the hand is up if you want to ask a question, or for polling...
New Contributor
I know GoToWebinar allows participants to raise their hand. GoToMeeting does not. Think fresh about it - you have a product with 26 participants and the only way to suggest you want to speak is to either says so in the chat box, or to interrupt. A raised hand is the elegant solution. Please consider adding that. I am frustrated not to have that once I have more than 4 people in a session.
Howard Bashinsk
Active Contributor
I ask everyone in the meeting to type a "?" in the chat box to raise their hand...

It would be nice to have a specific function, however?

Is there a forum for suggestions?

GoTo Manager

Hi Howard, that's one of the purposes of this community 🙂 You actually replied to the Idea (feature request), for this functionality to be added. You can add you're vote to an Idea by clicking on Me Too!

New Member
The raise hand function should be added to GoToMeeting as the other products (GoToWebinar and GoToTraining) have it.
Active Contributor
Me too! I came here to post the same feature request.

Specifically I want to see the attendant's icon in the meeting display sorted to show up first, and highlighted with a clear icon that flashes or is otherwise quite visible.