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Make Chat Message Easier to Find

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Make Chat Message Easier to Find



LOVING the new GoToMeeting interface. So much better.

One part that's not working well is the chat.


When I am in a meeting and I send something in the chat (e.g. a Link that I want them to open).

I then have to verbally guide everyone to where the chat is and how to open it.

It goes like 

"Look in the top right corner for the gear icon, next to that is something that looks like a chat bubble, click that to open the chat panel, there you would see the link I just sent".


I think it could be improved 🙂 Please make the chat panel/chat messages easier to find.
Perhaps similar to how does it (I am their paid customer too).

For when someone sends a chat message and Chat window/panel is not open.
The chat message itself is shown in a Chat Bubble for a few seconds and then it disappears. Kinda like the image below. 



Thanks / Avi

GoTo Moderator

Hey, AJ!

I like this idea a lot, and will share the use case with the development team.



Stephanie Beach
New Member

We have noticed that we keep missing peoples chats have a little bubble and a number. And that does not seem to be enough for everyone to notice. Is there a way to make the chat more noticeable, more 'vibrant'?

thank you