Pausing screenshare

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Pausing screenshare

Pausing screenshare

In the old gotomeeting client, there was a tool for pausing your screenshare. The participants would see your pausing screen without any indication that the screen was paused. This feature was unique to gotomeeting and was one of the only reason we stuck with gotomeeting. It's very disappointing to see that this was removed in the new goto client. Please add pausing back into the client.

New Member

I agree 100%. I used the pause screen sharing functionality in almost every meeting I facilitate (which is a lot). PLEASE bring that functionality back.

GoTo Manager

Hi all,

We are actively developing this feature for use very soon.  


Thanks for your patience. 

GoTo Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

Organizers using the new GoTo App can now pause and resume screen sharing. 

GoTo Moderator
Status changed to: Delivered

This is currently available in the new GoTo app