Please add Payment History to billing information

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Please add Payment History to billing information

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Please add Payment History to billing information

Currently, in the billing section, only invoices paid by ACH/ Credit Card/ Debit Card payments will ever show as paid.  Clients paying via NET30 terms currently see a PAY NOW button.   In addition, since invoices do not show any record of payments made/ applied and there is not record of payment history available in the portal, it is impossible to track your payments & balances unless you are the one writing the check or have access to the paying account.  In organizations where accounting is separate from service administration (like GTM) keeping track of the account status is impossible - until a payment isn't made, service is suspended, and the entire company reaches out to an unprepared IT team or service administrator to resolve what is, in acutality, an accounting issue.


Please provide a payment history to either the invoices and/ or the billing portal.

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If you are a corporate contract holder with LogMeIn, have you checked the billing history available online to Billing Admins?   Reference guide: