Share screen default layout

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Share screen default layout

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Share screen default layout

When a presenter is in share screen mode, all participant screens should automatically transition to hide everyone so the shared screen fills the meeting space. In the current application, everyone is visible so the shared screen is small and illegible. The whole intent of share screen is for everyone to see the presenter's screen, read any text, and clearly discern any graphics. This is the way worked. This is the way Zoom works. GoTo Meeting needs to catch up asap and not burden users who are not GoTo Meeting experts with having to figure out how to see the shared screen.


Currently, top and bottom controls take up approximately 20% of screen height which means screen real estate for the shared screen is 64%. Controls should be very small so share screen real estate is maximized. Best would be to combine the top and bottom controls into a single control bar.  When GoTo Meeting is in share screen mode it needs to be optimzed for shared screen visibility. It should also be possible to minimize the control bar so it occupies zero screen space.

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@FredM  Thanks for the feedback and use-case scenario.  We'll bring this up with the team. 

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I completely agree with this comment. When another attendee has to work on the shared screen, it is so small that it is practically impossible. and in the meantime a lot of space around is being wasted. Please, fix a.s.a.p. this dessign and maximize the shared screen visibility!
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This is currently available with flexible layout