Timer on GoToMeeting interface

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Timer on GoToMeeting interface

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Timer on GoToMeeting interface

Hello, just a little tip — I would appreciate a small timer on GoToMeeting interface (even the "tiny" one) that shows current time or the duration of the meeting. I have found this would be a very feature. Most time I work with fullscreen slides so I do not see the timer on my notebook.
Consider the idea to implement one! 🙂


Howard Bashinsk
Active Contributor
I would like to be able to enable a countdown notification to the end of a meeting, and then have the meeting end automatically.  Perhaps a 10 minute warning, then 5 minutes, then 2 minutes, etc.  One of the problem we all have with meetings is that they often go longer than scheduled,  I think a countdown to meeting end and an automatic close would help improve meeting discipline.  You can always schedule another meeting if you need more time! 🙂

New Member

Another request for a timer on teh GTM Dashboard that would be visible to the presenter in full screen while not being shared with the audience. This is a real issue for presenters who are using one monitor. 

Active Contributor

Yes... a timer would be helpful. There is one in GoToTraining and GoToWebinar. Seems like it wouldn't be a stretch to add it to GoToMeeting.