Wider area for upcoming meetings

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Wider area for upcoming meetings

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Wider area for upcoming meetings

In the list of all upcoming meetings, I have the problem that I cannot tell from the meeting names which meeting it is because the name is cut off, the area is too narrow for the entire meeting name.

The beginning of our seminar names is usually always the same. It only differs at the end because there is the name of the seminar participant.
Therefore you can never tell in the left column which seminars are coming up. You can only see that on the right side if you click on the respective seminar on the left. However, given the large number of seminars, this is quite laborious and confusing.
Is there any way to expand the width of the left pane?
The area on the right would offer enough space for this.


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GoTo Moderator

@Heiko-SB  Those meeting titles, both singular and recurring, should all wrap onto the next line down, if they are longer than around 30+ characters.  Can you tell me how you are viewing your meeting list, and on what device exactly?